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Making it fun and easy to plan your tabletop game night!

  • Game night starts with you.

    As a member, you can create up to ten game groups. That's because you need separate groups for your family, who likes Monopoly, and that hard core group, that plays Twilight Imperium. Or any in-between!

  • Invite Friends & Family

    The tabletop is where friendships and family bonds are strengthened. Or weakened. But you can't play solo all the time, so you're going to need some pals.

  • Schedule & Plan The Game Night!

    Choose a date, time, and place. (It doesn't have to be at night, of course. You can have a tabletop game morning, if you're into that kind of thing.) Then you choose what games to play, or let group members vote. Determine who brings what: food, drinks, etc. All easy to manage on the party page.

  • Now For The Fun Part

    Play your games.
    Blog about it.
    Then schedule another.

  • Help Is Always Available

    Want more info? How does it all work? What does it look like? Visit the Users Guide for all the details!