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At the end of every year, we stop to reflect on what was, and to imagine what might be in the year to come. It brings with it regret and hope, a determination to change and dreams to fulfill.

And also, top ten lists.

For tabletop games, you'll generally get a "Top Ten of All Time" list, as well as a "Top Ten of the Year" list. Do you watch those? I love seeing what everybody else loves, and it often influences what I will look at next (if I don't already have it!). What I most like is seeing games that did not show up on other lists. That's when you find the gems.

What I want to do is create a top ten list of top ten lists. I'm going to put together two lists: a Top Ten Top Ten Games of All Time, and an annual Top Ten of Top Ten of the Year (so, for 2017, as of the date of this post).

Now, I haven't even come close to seeing all the possible top ten videos out there. But, maybe, collectively, we all have.

Do you watch these kinds of videos? If you do, let me know which one(s) you like the best! Share your favorite Top Ten lists in the Top Tens of 2017 or the Top Tens of All Time threads in the forum.

Thank you!

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