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Tabletop Games As Video Games

OK, remember when I suggested that tabletop gaming might be better than video gaming, then I gave a few good reasons why that might be absolutely, indisputably, undeniably true? Well, I realized I missed something. There's one amazing reason why you have no excuse to not play tabletop games. You can actually play tabletop games on your computer!

I'm in north Texas, and we're experiencing some "winter weather," as we call it down here when it gets really cold and wet. That means the roads could be covered with ice, so we Texans do not commute in our vehicles. Too dangerous. (Actually, it's just a good excuse to stay home from work or school. But you didn't hear that from me.)

So, when you can't leave your home, how do you get together with your friends and family for a little tabletop action? Is it time to give up and play some video games?


Well, yes.

Let me explain.

No, you don't have to play "traditional" video games, those that were created and intended to play on a computer. Yes, you can play digital versions of tabletop games on a computer. How exciting is that?

(But I don't want you using that as an excuse to never get together, although it would eliminate the possibility of your friend spilling his root beer on your Concordia board.)

So, when you just can't get together, maybe you still can. Here are three options for playing tabletop games on your computer, with friends or strangers:

  • BoardGameArena - This site has a large selection of tabletop games. You will definitely find something you and your group like.

  • BoardGameCore - There are only a few games here, but Food Chain Magnate is one of them.

  • Yucata - This site hosts a good selection of games.

The cool thing is, you can also play with strangers on these sites, and the games will go very quickly because there's literally no time to set-up or score. It's all automated.

So, now, when you can't get to the tabletop, you can still kinda get to the tabletop.

P.S. You'll want to be able to talk to each other while you play, so use Discord or Skype or Hangouts.

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