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Supporting Your FLGS While Paying the Lowest Price

When I want to buy a game, I check online vendors to see how cheap I can get it. I also want to support my friendly, local game store (FLGS), because of the valuable services they provide, both in space and manpower. But the FLGS just cannot match those online prices. Thanks to Reddit user , I just found a way to do both!

You can support your FLGS and still pay a good price.
Support your FLGS and get a great price!

There's no way your FLGS can price match. They have to pay expenses that most online retailers don't. And they can't buy enough inventory to qualify for the price discounts that mass retailers get from distributors.

For example, I recently priced Twilight Imperium:4th Edition. Locally, it's running at its MSRP, but online, I can get it for up to $30 less! That's a great deal, because it means I can buy another game with that $30, if I'm so inclined.

You can afford to buy Twilight Imperium 4th Edition locally!
Now, you can afford to buy this locally!

The argument is made that the FLGS offers you space and friendly helpers, and that's true, but I can find tons of advice online and get more input on a game than I ever could in an hour at my FLGS. The only thing about the FLGS is that they help build the community, and they offer play space.

But even if they offered nothing else than the game, I'd still want to support them, because they're in my community. And the success of the store contributes to the success of my community and fellow tabletop gamers.

I do agree with Tom Vasel on his point about unfriendly local game stores. He said that if a FLGS doesn't earn your business, don't spend your money there. If you don't treat me like a respected and valuable customer, or if I can't find answers to my tabletop gaming questions while I'm in your store, I'll probably not shop there anymore.

So, assuming we have a great FLGS, how do we support them, while still getting the best deal?

Hello, price protection!

Some credit cards will refund a price drop. That means, if you purchase an item at one store, and you find it for less at another store, the credit card company will refund the difference!

That's pretty neat.
*funny music in background*

Unfortunately, not all credit cards offer this, so you'll need to check with yours. And you'll have to spend the larger amount up-front. But, since it's going on a credit card, you can probably afford it!

If you want to know more about it, you can start here. Next, a search at your favorite search engine will probably get you even more details.

Let me know if you've used this tactic already, or if you're planning to in the future.

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