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One of the big draws of tabletop gaming is the tactile response of those components in our hands. Who doesn't love the feel of three, six-sided dice, or fanning out a hand of cards, or tapping our pieces along the victory point track?

It's even better when the components are high quality. Ticket to Ride has neat little trains, and Scythe has some great miniatures.

Ticket to Ride Train Components and Board
Ticket to ride has neat trains and... What is that?

I love the dice in the featured image of this blog post. I can't remember where I got them, but I sure do like holding them and rolling them.

Of course, components don't make or break a game for me. As long as the game play is interesting and fun, I'll play with cardboard or paper cut-outs. But when the components are nice, it just makes the experience that much sweeter.

What are some of your favorite tabletop game components?

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