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Have Printer, Will Play

If you have a printer, or even a local print shop, you could be playing a new game within minutes!

Have you ever heard of "Print-and-Play?"

Some game designers love to design games, and they make those games available for free to those who want to manufacture their own components for the game. While "manufacture" usually conjures up images of factories, I just mean that you have to print the components yourself. They publish printable files for the board, for the pieces, for cards, etc. Grab a few meeples or counters or dice from another game, and play a new game!

One of BGG's Golden Geek Awards is for "Best Print-and-Play" game, so this is a great opportunity for you to find something you can make at home and play tonight!

Go here and scroll down to the "Print & Play" list.

I see a couple I want to try.


Outlaws Print & Play Cover Page
To be the sheriff or to be the outlaw? That is the question.

Let me know if something catches your ink!

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