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Friendly Local Game... Grocer?

I was pleasantly shocked and amused by this site tonight. Guess where I saw this wall of games.

Tabletop games are getting more popular. I'm not really sure just how popular they are-- do more people play golf or watch sports on television or play tabletop games-- but I saw one sign tonight that tabletop games are apparently a money-maker, even for your local grocery store. At least, they are at mine!

We're all familiar with the friendly local game store (FLGS), but this favorite local game grocer is an amusing development, IMHO.

If you look closely, you can see a couple of legitimate tabletop games: Forbidden Island and Dragonwood are next to each other. There's Telestrations and Escape Room:The Game.

I found this wall of games at my local Kroger. Am I just out of touch with the times, or is anybody else delightfully surprised at this?

I'm just afraid my grocery bill might start going up.

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