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What's The Best Leisure Activity for 2018?

You have a lot of options when it comes to leisure time. Here's why tabletop gaming is the best option.

  1. Engage the brain. Tabletop games can be easy and casual, or they can be complex and deep. Either way, you will be using your brain far more than if you were doing something passive, like watching television or a movie.

  2. Create the story. Many tabletop games are wrapped up in engaging stories, with you playing some part in making it come to life. In many cases, you will actually determine where the story goes, affecting the ending with the choices you make. While there are some amazing books with great stories out there, the greatest story is the one you tell.

  3. Adventures with Friends. The tabletop is the best and cheapest place for friendly, interaction, with a bonus: you're all face-to-face. You don't have to have a $500+ computer or console system. You don't have to spend $60+ each on the latest and greatest video game. Anyone can come to your table. Someone can bring the pizza; someone else can bring the root beer. It's a party!

  4. Engage, Create, Adventure... Solo. Within the last decade or so, tabletop games for one have had a great explosion in creativity. So, even if you want a few lazy (or brain-bending) hours to yourself, you can find a tabletop game to satisfy. Unlike a passive activity (like watching television), this engages your brain in a fun way. You'll create the story, which you can tell to others. And it's cheaper than any electronic adventure.

In 2018, tabletop games are the best way to spend leisure time. If you need game suggestions, your favorite search engine should be very helpful. Use terms like, "best game for four players," or, "best casual game for two." Let us know what you discover in 2018!

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