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FTFT: Kingdomino

My kids and I played Kingdomino (for the first time) a few nights ago. It is a simple tile-placement game, similar to regular dominoes, but with a few unique mechanisms to guide your kingdom building.

You're attempting to build a 5x5 sized kingdom composed of a variety of dominoes. These dominoes each have certain regions on them, representing anything from fields to caves. The larger each region is, the more points you score. But you have to have crowns in that region, also.

OK, I'm not doing a rules explanation, here. I just wanted to give you a brief gist of it, and point out that it hasĀ a unique design and interesting scoring mechanism.

Speaking of scoring, my daughter destroyed me and my son. It was a slaughter. The first round alone was 65, 45, 41. After three rounds, she ended up ahead by at least 30 points. I can't remember. Anyway, during that time, we had a lot of laughs, as well as some serious discussions about life and morality and society.

I love gathering around the tabletop with a cool game and good company.

Have you played Kingdomino yet?

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