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The Hunger (for) Games

My tabletop game hunger is not satiated.

That is to say, I don't get to the tabletop as often as I'd like.

Does anybody?

There are a few factors to explain that-- and they are fully in my control-- but I expect you might experience the same thing. We have families to nurture, relationships to tend, careers to make the money we use to get new tabletop games that we don't play enough, an education to secure the knowledge we'll need in future careers, etc.

Many of us share this common misery of not enough time and, possibly, not enough tabletop compatriots.

But some of you-- you lucky dogs! You have the time, money, and energy resources to get to the table once or more per week, and to find yourself with a fun group of friends, family, and enemies, who share your passion for engaging your mind in the pursuit of a tabletop objective.

Dog being chased by zombies is not lucky.
Not a lucky dog.

So, you lucky (blessed!) dogs, we live vicariously through you. We listen with wistful attention to your stories of tabletop gaming sessions. We read your session reports and pretend we were there. We stare at our collections, dreaming of the day we can enjoy our games like you enjoy yours.

We all want to be part of a passionate group of tabletop gamers who get together often enough to quench our thirst for tabletop game nights. For those of us who aren't quite there, what can we do?

Are you one of the lucky dogs? Or are you a pooch looking for a pack?

Well, in the next few articles, I'm going to show, step-by-step, how to make your tabletop gaming life the best it can be.

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