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Try These Modern-Day Classics

We all grew up with Monopoly, Sorry, and Uno. But there's a new class of tabletop games just waiting for you to explore.

Apparently, many of you still have and enjoy those classic games from decades ago: Parcheesi, Risk, Life, Clue, etc.

They gave us many hours of enjoyment. There's nothing to take away from them. But, if you're still playing Pictionary or Yahtzee, it's time to step out of your comfort zone and see just how far tabletop games have come in the last few years.

Every game in this list will be relatively easy to play, take less than an hour to play, and none of them have the player-elimination component, meaning everyone will be able to stay in the game the whole time. I've provided the link to each game, so you can read the description and watch a video about it.

So, just put aside the old-school for a night, and check out these new-school games for your next tabletop game night!

  1. Ticket to Ride

  2. Catan

  3. Downforce

  4. Codenames

  5. Azul

  6. Pandemic Legacy

Of course, there are so many more amazing but easy-to-learn games that have been published within the last ten years or so. We could make a top-100 list of new games you will love! We might publish more ideas in the future, but, for now, these six games should be a great starting point for your exploration into the new world of tabletop games.

Let me know if you decide to bring one of these to your tabletop and what you think of it!

Have fun! (I know you will.)

Featured Image Picture Credit: Nietjuh

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